We created our brand having this in mind, and we made it to reach people. To help those people, whose skin has been affected at an earlier age because of this illness and further induced by various stress triggers, to build up the strength of their skin to fight back. This is the core of our endeavours, we want to show that we truly care, and that what we offer might really be the cure – possibly on more levels than just as far it concerns the health of your skin. 

To achieve this, we needed to design a product that would improve all layers of the skin and its natural biochemistry, so we – naturally – looked for ingredients of natural origin. And in this process, we learned how much we can learn from each ingredient we looked at, considered, chose or replaced, how they inspire us to constantly seek even new possibilities to improve – and it is complicated.  

Eventually, we found a rational and pragmatic approach for how we design our products – it is conservative as for the base of our product structure and innovative in a way how we select the active ingredients.  

Our products are innovative, combining biotechnology and forces of nature to protect your skin against external triggers, such as pollution, UV radiation, visible light and ordinary daily environmental stressors, and are designed to ensure a better health of your skin. Moreover, they are designed to deliver a bold promise to improve the quality of your life by solving other problems consequent to rosacea affected skin condition.