LABRAINS is an innovative anti-ageing cosmetics brand. It is built on a perfect combination of innovative advances in biotech and in-depth knowledge of hidden power of nature's own resources.

LABRAINS is set to create a product that contributes to a sustainable living while bringing the cosmetic users a modern, scientifically-proven and effective facial care routine for daily use.

For us the science is beauty, and the beauty is science. We embed the latest discoveries of the beauty industry in our products in a perfect synergy and harmony with nature's treasures. Our discerning and professional team sources all-natural active ingredients from authentic areas of wetlands.

We are experts in biotechnology and nature protection, and we are passionate to share our knowledge and bring you a refined product to take care for the health of your skin.

We view both science and nature as valid outlets for creativity, and we aim to reveal the sustainability behind the beauty. We believe that the academic excellence can lead to an outstanding green laboratory. We are harnessing the science of nature to protect and renew your skin. LABRAINS uses a nature-friendly sustainably sourced plant stem cell technology.


We do it for people like you - the ones who care for your well-being and health of your skin. However, no one can effectively avoid the stress caused by the external environment - pollution, UV radiation, visible light or just the ordinary everyday stress. A healthy skin requires a proper protection and a balanced microbiota. This is what LABRAINS bring to you. Hence, the science is beauty, and the beauty is science.