About us

LABRAINS is Latvia-based eco cosmetics brand offering innovative,environmentally friendly and high-end quality products for rosacea treatment and everyday skincare. For us science is beauty and beauty is science. 

LABRAINS was created with one of the main priorities to find a powerful yet eco-friendly skincare to relieve and treat the symptoms of rosacea. From the very beginning our vision for this new product we were about to create was built on the main preconditions – it has to be top-notch quality and truly effective, it has to be produced in the most sustainable way from every relevant aspect, and it has to be made available for those who need it for an affordable and fair price. Having succeeded in this, we soundly claim that LABRAINS goes beyond just a green beauty brand.

We view both science and nature as valid outlets for creativity and aim to reveal the sustainability behind the beauty. As we have really put work in defining and following our philosophy in developing what we can now present for you as remarkable cosmetics products, we can soundly say that it requires in-depth knowledge of nature treasures and their power, scientific and innovative mind and above all – wisdom of understanding of the interactions and consequences between the nature and its gifts, or production process and benefits for our consumers. Through this set of mind, we established a clear path for how we are connect beauty to a well being in greater sense. It is a real tribute to all the men and women who care not only for their own beauty but moreover about what they use to achieve it – the science and sustainability therein.

Being conservative in our values and at the same time innovators striving for their advancement we do not do very well with tasks that can be easily or otherwise accomplished by somebody else. Hence just creating excellent and innovative cosmetics products was by far not enough. 

We want to be a cultural provocateure, we want to solve your problems together with you, and along the way we also want to influence you, so we will strive to restructure your thinking as well.  

The special place nature, science and beauty we created comes from studying outstanding minds’ idea of exterior reflections caused by interior observer – you can call it mirror neurons or “you reap what you sow”, but the bottom line is that our skin reveals our inner health or brain emotions – and we want this idea to rub off on you. After all, we believe it is our responsibility.

Our philosophy and vision of sustainability is one that cares about humanity and heritage – be it environmental, cultural or related to social behaviour and interactions – that is left for us by previous generations and would be left by us to the further ones. We have no intentions to back off from our set goals and principles, but at the same time we clearly understand that the vision and principles are in a constantly developing process, and even more clearly – that we did not arrive at the place we are now in an instant.  

Lots and lots of efforts and work are behind us and still there is even more to achieve for this entire cosmetic project. We are growing up together and teamed up with our families, children and – you, hence we thank you for this offered invaluable gift and giant opportunity to create something new and meaningful. 



No idea is too grand for Liga. She is an instigator and inciter, with an admirable ability to inspire ...

Read moreencourage and guide the others to bring her ideas to life. Līga has a background in chemistry, environmental sciences and economics, and many, many years in team leading – empowered with fusion of these skills and with the concept of sustainability on her sleeve.she designs the brand vision and sets forth the company goals, takes care of administrative and technical management as well and recipe formulation with a masterful grace. Joined at the hip with Elīna in creating, implementing and managing enterprises and projects of various kinds for over fifteen years, they reflect the very soul of the company.
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The greatest of her many talents is the fine art of sculpting the visionary flares created by Līga ...

Read moreinto strategically conceptualised, financially sound and comprehensively administrable packages of tasks. Elīna is the main creator of LABRAINS brand marketing strategy and takes care of financial management of the company. Also, she is a real people person, making the delicate net of the work and social relationships, to feel like a safety net for everyone in the team.
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The potion master, the alchemist, the head chef in our lab. ...

Read moreOne would have never imagined that thoroughness and patience can be brought up to such an exquisite level of excellence! Inese has been working as a chemist for many years and cosmetics manufacturing is a fresh, new and exciting chapter in her professional career. All the technological work process is under her control and she steers it with a firm hand and always a vague smile that seems insightful.
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Yet another chemist on our team, Agnese is the one who makes sure that all the papers are in order ...

Read moreand the work is done on top-notch level. Agnese is always on top of things. Consistency and precision are her weapons of choice in the battle for regulatory and quality compliance. She supervises that every aspect of our operation meets the quality standards, applicable legislation, workplace safety and environmental requirements, and does it quickly, elegantly and with a no casualties. Moreover, she has a wondrous skill of remaining utmost polite throughout all the process to make it more awesome for everyone else involved.
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She breathes in the nature and breathes out exceptionally fashioned and structured plan for the brand development ...

Read moreproduct design as well as sales promotion, communication and customer relations. Solveiga has a remarkable combo of two decades of work experience in marketing and promotion of cosmetics. She has an innate and insatiable curiosity for everything what is new. Meaning that she really knows how it’s done, and also that the chances of any potentially useful innovation slipping by unnoticed are pretty much slim.
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She has a constructor’s mind and an eye designed to spot what clicks together, a deep understanding of things and master degree in chemistry ...

Read moreMarta has a starring role in creation of our products. She is at the head and the bottom of the entire processes of formulation and engineering of recipes. Artfully selecting and matching the most innovative cosmetic ingredients to makes sure they are tailor-made for specific needs and types of skin. Our main technological expert, she is the one who makes the magic happen.
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